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✔ Black mould is something that no one is able to deal with it, after inhaling some Mould spores it may do an Asthma attack. So, If you need help, get in touch and we'll be there for you to take care of it as soon as possible!

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✔ Mold damages everything it touches, so minimise the damage with special equipment and mould treatments.

✔ If you want to get rid of mould permanently, ignore the surface and fix what's underneath.

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Mould Removal Hamilton | Mould Remediation

One might notice several blackish green patches on walls and ceilings of a house, office or other building. However these patches are not just an ordinary color but they're actually the result from fungus that occurs in our environment as airborne spores. The fungi typically grow and spread around wet surfaces like damp carpets due to continuous rain fall which is why it's important to keep such areas dry for prevention purposes against this type of growth/spreader

As you may have guessed, moulds are everywhere; in your house, on the outside of old buildings and even inside our lungs. These fungi can grow quickly when they find a moist surface to latch onto but luckily there is an easy way to stop them: keep surfaces dry! 

This includes areas such as ceilings tiles or wooden paneling that might be usually prone to mold because it's been sitting for too long without being cleaned up - if this problem persists I recommend using bleach spray which will kill all kinds of bacteria including any unwanted moss spores hiding out under those cracks or stains.


Why Do Moulds Occur?

Moulds are one of the most common household problem. It is often present in areas like homes and offices where there's a lot of organic material, which can easily get damp when exposed to water, leading them to become perfect environments for mould growth. Once this occurs, not only does it grow rapidly but also spreads widely too - so you want find these pesky molds anywhere they shouldn't be!


Few Main Reasons of Mould Growth:


  • Leaky ceilings – This may occur due to flooding or rainy situation.
  • Non-stop Humidity– This is normally caused by the humid environment of when steam has enveloped it. It's considered natural.
  • Drainage of Water of Flood– There is a drainage beneath this street, and it will always be wet because of how old the pipes are.
  • Consistent Moisture Source – Moist areas are those that tend to only leak water and not have good drainage.
  • Inappropriate Drainage Systems – Bad management, link AC’s drainage pipe.

Mould can be found in many places and during any season but it thrives the most during Summer. Despite these conditions, Spring is also a prime time for mould growth as well.


Harmful Effects of a Black Mould

Mold is a filamentous structure that has an astute appearance, and they can wreak havoc on all living or nonliving things. Mold comes in many colors like green, blue, black and some are even greenish-black! There's also different types of mold such as the toxic black ones which grow best indoors giving off various toxic fumes to kill everything around them while others prefer growing outside with little toxicity.The first thing one thinks of when hearing the word "flood" is water. But in this context, a flood can be sea-water, rain-water or sewage water. Along with that black moulds are able to grow on damp surfaces and they have negative health implications for humans who come into contact with them if not taken care off soon enough - take note!


  • Toxic: Black mould is a toxic fungi that destroys materials and has many negative effects on human health.
  • Break Down: It's strong enough to harden even the toughest material, such as drywall.
  • Eruption: The sufferers are those with weaker immunity and the symptoms range from itchy eyes to sneezing.
  • Severe Effects: Impacts on children are more acute and serious.
  • Allergic Reactions: If not taken care of, these moulds could cause you to have a variety of symptoms including chest or nasal congestion and itchy eyes. You may also experience fever, headaches and migraines as well the risk for infections!
  • Damage: It also causes cosmetic and discoloration damage.
  • Longer Exposure:  Respiratory problems are a great risk to your health, and they can occur at any time if you're exposed for longer periods of time.


The black mould is a serious problem for many homeowners as it can be difficult to identify and remove. Luckily, there are experts who will ensure that your home or business is safe from the harmful effects of these spores.

What is the Process of Mould Remediation?

Black moulds are hazardous to your health and can ruin anything they touch. They destroy not only wood but also paint, carpets, wallpaper - everything! You should take care of them as soon as possible because if you don't this will be the consequence: wooden cabinets start weakening; paints & other materials weaken too. And that's not all! Black mold causes various allergic reactions in humans so it is important for people with allergies or asthma to clean their property before its too late.Sp,  If you are suffering from mold, there is no need to worry because companies such as CleaningPro will help. They have expert cleaners that assess the moisture and then remove any existing mould so it does not return. CleaningPRO provides free quote also.


1. Fix the Source of Moisture

It is often said that water sources are also the home of mould. Areas with high moisture content will have more mould growth, so try to repair any leaks as soon as possible in order to keep your house clean!

2. Mould Treatment

Moulds are present in moist conditions. A leakage may support mould growth, and it is necessary to fix water issues on time! You should take off all the leaky materials such as woods, drywall and carpeting etc from that area if you want to restrict mold's ability to grow. If severity persists for too long of a period of time then it might be best advised for one not even live there anymore because their health will start deteriorating without proper ventilation or air conditioning 

3. Purify & Deodorise

The process of mould removal starts with a thorough cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing to eliminate the remains of mold. Air filtration equipment is used to make sure that there are no more traces or smells left behind so this does not happen again in the future.

4. Restore

Last but not the least, mould remediation process in which the focus is to reorganize your home into its original state. New tiles and carpeting are installed throughout for an all-around clean experience without any of that nasty mold stuff getting anywhere near you again! If it's really bad we recommend replacing vanities, cabinets and countertops too so everything has been scrubbed down with bleach.

Why Should You Go For Professional Mould Cleaners?

CleaningPro is a company that provides mould remediation services. If you are treating the issue yourself, then there will be an increased chance of reoccurring issues with mold and water problems. By using bleach to treat these issues, it becomes ineffective in solving them as well since bleach does not get rid of all types or colors of mold such as black fungus spores for example. Cleaning Pro's team has professional veteran specialists who can permanently remove any type or color of unwanted fungi from your home while also ensuring they clean up existing areas on surfaces where growth could occur again which would help reduce future occurrences so this is why we recommend choosing us first!

  • Insured and Licensed Team Members
  • Free Quotes
  • Veteran & Professional Cleaners
  • 24-Hour Emergency Services
  • Transparent Process
  • 30-Minutes Turnaround Time
  • High-Quality Equipment and Techniques

Mould can spread over your property quickly, so it's important to call us as soon as possible if you see any signs of mould. We'll provide you with the best solutions for removing these pesky spores from your home and save both yourself and your furniture investment!

Why choose CleaningPro for Mould Removal in Hamilton

Not only is CleaningPro a professional in mould removal services, CleaningPro has other great reasons too. Therefore, CleaningPro is chosen among other cleaning service companies.

  • CleaningPro gives 24 hours to emergency services. Call us at any time of any time of the day or night. You will find us at your doorsteps in a few minutes.
  • CleaningPro provides free quotes if you request one.
  • CleaningPro gets mould removal treatment from veterans and professional cleaners.
  • CleaningPro has a turnaround time of 30 minutes.
  • CleaningPro staff consists of licensed and insured team members.
  • CleaningPro staff uses high-quality equipment and techniques.
  • CleaningPro follows a transparent process for the removal of mould.

Our experts suggest going to a professional service provider when you even see symptoms of mould or black mould in your house before it spreads and harms your family.

We have a clear process of mould remediation as we first identify the root cause of the mould and then, give the treatment that is best suited for the mould with the latest equipment in no time.
In the house, the rooms that usually get mould and damage the materials are the basements, kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. The mould growth seems to be there at ideal places like the damp or moist ones.

You can easily see them on ceiling tiles, drywall, wooden paneling, and mattresses. CleaningPro team removes all the mould, present in rooms and in different materials with the use of modern equipment and useful technologies.

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