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Inside and Outside Window Cleaning

1-2 Bedrooms $149

3-4 Bedrooms $249

5-6 Bedrooms $399

7-8 Bedrooms $549

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Window Cleaning Hamilton | Window Washing Services

Do you want to have window cleaners to get your windows cleaned in Hamilton? You have CleaningPro at the top of your list and mind. Then you are good to go!

Customers who have our services always give great feedback and find their windows streak-free sparkling and very clear. CleaningPro is on its way to becoming the best residential window cleaning service provider in Hamilton.

Air ventilation is not the only reason for having windows, but windows should also give the person a clear view of the outside, especially in the morning to give a good start to the day.

The blurry window gives blurry vision and a blurry idea of the day. You will of course choose not to have it.

If windows are not cleaned and washed properly, then it leaves a sense of untidiness. Say no to it and pick your phone up and call us. Hire the professional cleaners of CleaningPro as we know how to give your windows a brand new look.

Here's how our Team works:

  1. After arriving at your home, your concerns are being discussed as different houses have different concerns.
  2. Beforehand you will be asked to remove items attached to the windows and sills to avoid any kind of damage risk. We have to be respectful and careful with your belongings.
  3. Time punctuality is another factor we take care of. We have the record of being 90% on time at your place. However, you will be informed beforehand to avoid inconvenience in case of any emergency and work.
  4. All the required equipment is carried to avoid any kind of inconvenience and to complete the work efficiently.
  5. Our team is really friendly and cooperative with you.

Mineral-based, non-toxic, and mild solutions are used that are eco-friendly as our work is inside and outside the home.

Great attention is given to each detail and ladders are used for doing thorough cleaning. Pressure washing is the first process to get started before cleaning. And formulated soaps are used for window cleaning.


More Sunlight and a Healthier Home

If you have clean windows, you get more natural light through the clean window. And therefore, you get improved air quality which at the end of the day improves your productivity and mood.

Knowing the importance of a clean window, we understand what good effects clean windows can have on you and give you the best service.

First Impressions Count

Your front window makes the first impression of yours, try to make a good one!

Cluttered front windows and unclean windows give the impression of your unclean and uncluttered home. Sometimes one can lose potential buyers while selling the home as it looks unattractive.

After calling CleaningPro for the residential window cleaning service, you get your windows sparkling clean and clear. This gives a great impression of your clean home!


High-Quality Workmanship

Yes, experience counts too here. CleaningPro cleaners have years of experience in the cleaning service of the residential windows. When you compare a work performed by the windows cleaners having years of experience with some cleaners who barely have the experience of one or two, you will see the difference in quality and high standard services.


True Window Cleaning Experts

When you start to clean the window yourselves, you would notice some areas are comparatively harder to reach. Our experts have the equipment to get those areas cleaned too. Here we ensure to have the cleaners’ safety and give the quality results too.

Affordable Window Cleaning Services

The prices for our residential window cleaning service are highly affordable and competitive when you compare with market prices. We try to stick with your budget.


Window Washing Prices:

The charges plan for the residential window washing service has been planned this way:

  • 1-2 Bedrooms: $149
  • 3-4 Bedrooms: $249
  • 5-6 Bedrooms: $399
  • 7-8 Bedrooms: $549
  • Living Area: $40
  • Garage Windows: $40
  • Double Storey House: +$60
  • Triple Storey House: +$120

Please note that what is included in the prices above are the cleaning of exterior and interior windows.

However, what is not included in the prices above are the cleaning of louvered windows, balustrades, skylights, and conservatories. But these can have onsite quotes.

Note: the price does not include balustrades, awnings, porches, and skylights (would be charged in addition to the regular window cleaning services).

* For homes with extra windows, sliding glass doors, and multiple levels/story, our team may need to modify the quote, subject to the on-site visit before the job is undertaken.

** The customer is responsible for the parking and will have to pay the costs associated with parking if the parking is not available.

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