End of Tenancy Cleaning in Hamilton


1 Bedroom, 1 Kitchen, 1 Bathroom and 1 Living area $169
Extra Bedrooms $50 
Walk-in Wardrobe $30 
Extra Bathrooms $69 
Extra Living Rooms $60
Second Kitchen $69
Laundry $40
Separate Toilet $40
Single Garage $49
Double Garage $79
Triple Garage $109
Double Storey $60
Triple Storey $120

Prices are based on standard room sizes. (Bedrooms up to 15SQM and Living Areas up to 20SQM)

**House must be vacant for End of Tenancy cleaning. 

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End of Tenancy Cleaning Hamilton / Move out Cleaning / Deep Cleaning

Do you need tenancy cleaning services in Hamilton by professionals?

Cleaning pro is the best cleaning service for helping you get your house ready to be handed over. With a range of services available, we can deep clean or do renovations on anything in your home as well! In addition, our carpet cleaners are trained and use eco-friendly products like us - so don't worry about harming those carpets while they're being cleaned!

Cleaners from Cleaning Pro will help make sure that when it's time to hand over this property next month; everything looks shiny and new again for the people coming into take occupancy. You'll have peace knowing that we offer all sorts of different services including things such as remediation washing, restoration repair work after water damage incidents (like flooding), steam care treatment.

Why CleaningPro is Hamilton's top-rated one-off cleaning services company:

  • We cater to a full range of end-of-tenancy cleaning needs.
  • CleaningPro is changing the way we clean, by using eco-friendly products that are free of toxins.
  • Our innovative techniques have enabled us to get the job done, effectively and efficiently.
  • We work closely with your property managers to make sure our end-of-tenancy cleaning is up to their standards and reduces the hassle for you.
  • We are proud to have a team of professional move out cleaners, who take on any and all challenges with gusto. The best part is that we don't charge by the hour so you'll never be left waiting for your cleaning crew!
  • We use Safest products and our professionals guarantee the perfect results.

Our post tenancy services include: 


Living area cleaning

End of tenancy cleaning is a huge undertaking, but luckily our team can handle it all! We clean door frames and light fixtures in every room. Our cleaners also dust windowsills to get rid of cobwebs that linger there. They vacuum hardwood floors so they look like new again before you leave the apartment or house, as well as mop up any stains on carpets with their powerful steam machine.

Kitchen cleaning

Our end of tenancy cleaning service for living areas, which includes doors/frames, light fittings, switches and bulbs skirting boards sills window frames hard floor surface vacuum general dusting wall. Removing all fingerprints marks stains so you can leave with a fresh start!

The areas cleaned in our end of tenancy clean package for the living area include: Doors/Frames  Light Fittings Switches And Bulbs Skirting Boards Sills Window Frames Hard Floor Surface Vacuum General Dust Wall Cleaning Making it free from all fingerprints; making your departure easy on your mind as well as tough to track without notice.

Bathroom cleaning

Our end of tenancy cleaners can give you peace of mind when it comes to knowing all the areas in your home will be thoroughly cleaned before handing over keys. This includes cleaning and disinfecting sinks, bathtubs, toilet seats/tops, mirrors (and light fixtures), shower decks with a deep scrubbing that removes any dried soap scum or mold from tiles- not just relying on sprays!

The area which is most often overlooked by tenants during their move out inspection are the hard floor surfaces including vacuuming them as well as mopping up stains left on counter tops and skirting boards. Our skilled technicians also clean windows inside for fingerprints etc., 

Bedroom cleaning in Hamilton

We are CleaningPro and we provide the best cleaners for your bedroom in Hamilton. With our standard package, you can expect to have all doors/door frames vacuumed clean, carpets vacuumed as well with tiled or wooden floor mopped up, surface dusting done and any tidying that may need doing before air freshening is applied at the end. We also do light fittings such as switches or bulbs replaced if necessary without a problem so they work properly once again!

Garage cleaning in Hamilton

Our garage cleaning services in Hamilton include workshop bench dust and wipe down, door/door frame cleanup (roller doors are not included), exterior of your laundry area clean-up, vacuuming to get the fine particles you can't see on surfaces like window sills and general dusting.


*Please note old oil staining is not included in the regular package. Get a quote for that? Please call us at 045551108.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices:

The prices that we have for our services are as follows: (Prices are GST exclusive and have been based on standard size rooms i.e., living areas up to 20 square metres and bedrooms up to 15 square metres)

  • 1-Bedroom, 1 Kitchen, 1 living area, and 1 Bathroom: $169
  • 2-Bedrooms, 1 Kitchen, 1 living area, and 1 Bathroom: $219
  • 3-Bedrooms, 1 Kitchen, 1 living area, and 1 Bathroom: $269
  • 4-Bedrooms, 1 Kitchen, 1 living area, and 1 Bathroom: $319
  • 5-Bedrooms, 1 Kitchen, 1 living area, and 1 Bathroom: $369
  • 6-Bedrooms, 1 Kitchen, 1 living area, and 1 Bathroom: $419
  • 7-Bedrooms, 1 Kitchen, 1 living area, and 1 Bathroom: $469


With the above services, you can have the following services separately too whose prices are mentioned too.

  • Extra Bathrooms: $69 each
  • Walk-in Wardrobes: $30 each
  • Extra Living Rooms: $60 each
  • Single Garage: $49
  • Double Garage: $79
  • Triple Garage: $109
  • Second Kitchen: $69
  • Separate Laundry: $40
  • Separate Toilet: $40



A list of extra services is also offered for you, apart from our regular service and their cost is mentioned below. However, if you are planning to have a complete end-of-tenancy cleaning or move out cleaning, you should not forget to add these extras.

Inside of Small Oven: $69

Services include interior cleaning of the appliance, exterior surface cleaning, and removal of grease build-up.

Inside of Large Oven: $99

Services include interior cleaning of the appliance, exterior surface cleaning, and removal of grease build-up.

Inside of Fridge: $49

Services include cleaning, defrosting, removal of grime, mildew, and food trash.

Inside of Dishwasher: $49

Services include cleaning and sanitising the inside and outside of the appliance

Kitchen Pantry/Drawers Inside: $59

Services include cleaning inside of drawers, kitchen pantry, and cupboards. (Cupboards has to be vacant)

Walk-in Wardrobe: $30

Services include cleaning the inside of the walk-in wardrobe (that includes walls, shelving, floors, etc.)

Inside window cleaning:

Small house: $105, Medium house: $149, Large house: $199.00, and XL House: $299

Outside window cleaning:

Small house: $105, Medium house: $149, Large house: $199.00, and XL House: $299

Inside/Outside Window Cleaning Combo: Small House $149, Medium House $249, Large House $399, XL House $549

Ceiling cleaning:

  • Small house: $149 (fewer areas and easy to clean) or $249 (for heavy-duty cleaning).
  • Medium house: $249(fewer areas and easy to clean) or $349 (for heavy-duty cleaning).
  • Large house: $349 (fewer areas and easy to clean) or $499 (for heavy-duty cleaning).
  • XL House: $499 (fewer areas and easy to clean) or $599 (for heavy-duty cleaning).

Our staff go the extra mile with our end of tenancy cleaning services and give you the best experience. Additionally, if you want to have a quote for on-site rubbish clearance, please let us know for making your rubbish removal easy as well as cheap.

Moreover, CleaningPro is glad to announce up to 15% discount on spring cleaning or deep cleaning only if you are our regular customer and have been availing of our regular cleaning house cleaning service for at least 3 months or even more.

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