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More than 3 Rooms

2 Kit Standard Test 4-6 Rooms + (+$120.00)

3 Kit Standard Test 7-9 Rooms + (+$240.00)

4 Kit Standard Test 10-12 Rooms + (+$360.00)


Fast 2 Days Turn-around (+$60.00)

Full 3 page Indicative report (+$60.00)

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Meth Testing Hamilton / P Testing Hamilton

Methamphetamine is a dangerous drug that can cause many problems for those who use it, and the places where they used to make it. Cleaning Pro provides meth testing services so you know if your home or business has been contaminated with this deadly substance. Our Professionals at CleaningPRO are devoted to clean the METH or to Test the meth or check if there was a P lab.

which include:

  • Anyone who is skeptical of using methamphetamines in their home
  • Members of the Hamilton City Council
  • Real estate agents
  • Homeowners
  • Commercial property owners and investors

Why choose CleaningPro:

  • With every kit we test 8 areas in the house, so you know that your home is protected from dangerous toxins.
  • Every room is a crime scene and every inch of it must be searched.
  • We identify low levels of meth, as it’s important for a place that has been painted.
  • We determine if meth is present or not – the severity depends on the amount.
  • We provide you with a lab report – confirming all the details (optional)
  • We call you regarding the result – with immediate answers to queries.
  • We provide further assistance – to allow you to get the correct result.

We provide two types of meth testing:

Standard Meth Testing:

This test applies only to check if meth iis present at the place or not.

No amount of meth is tolerable for individuals and the standard test answers that question if it's present at a place or not. To know exactly where, you may need to spend more money and go for an advanced test (i.e., "comprehensive meth tests").

The meth reduction method we use ensures that there will be a comparatively low amount of residuals left behind. When you get the negative result from our tests, it's guaranteed to be clean as can possibly be!

If the results of our test come back positive, this means you have a huge problem on your hands.  This test makes a great change in the cost of solving this problem. The amount of meth in your sample will show how deep into addiction and other harms it has taken hold--and what kind of money you need to spend to get them out.

It's important to have an idea of the level of meth in your house, so it is best not just to take a sample from one room. The test doesn't measure how effective cleaning will be on that property and if you've undertaken any painting or decorating recently please call our booking team at 0800 405 670 for advice.

Comprehensive Meth Testing:

Comprehensive meth testing is able to help identify the room in which it's present.

In order to find out where meth is in your house, you may need a comprehensive test. These kits are used individually and give samples from different areas of the home so that it's easier to pinpoint the source. Finding this location will help ensure safety for you and those around you as well save time before taking any other action related to cleanup or repair work.

Meth residues are everywhere in our homes, but that doesn’t mean we see them! This is why it's important to know the signs of meth. There have been no conclusive studies on how long these substances stay in a household or building before being detected by humans and removed from your home

- so beware any suspicious activity around you during this time period. Using an In-Field Test Kit can be expensive, not all areas were properly sampled and there was high risk of missing out on detecting Meth Residues if all areas weren't tested due to money constraints for effectiveness purposes.

The comprehensive test is a more extensive form of testing that can be used when the standard test is unable to provide an accurate reading. For example, if there are low levels (<2µg) or meth identified by the first type of tests and risk factors have been determined as being lower than usual then it would make sense to perform this additional version for increased accuracy.

Meth Testing Prices:

The price of the test depends on the area or size of the property

Standard Test Up to 3 rooms (8 samples) $199

2 Kit Standard Test 4 to 6 rooms (16 samples) $319

3 Kit Standard Test 7-9 rooms (24 samples) $439

4 Kit Standard Test 10-12 rooms (36 samples) $559

Turnaround: 5 days. Please call us before booking as we are extremely busy during this time of year.


Fast 2 Days Turn-around $60

Full 3-page Indicative report $60

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