Flood Restoration Hamilton

Water extraction & Cleaning $20 Per SQM

Commercial dehumidifier $99 per night

Blower dryer $39 per night

Site Inspection $80 each visit

Equipment Pickup/Delivery $80 Per Visit

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Flood Restoration, Carpet Drying and Water Damage Restoration in Hamilton

It is not uncommon for Hamilton to be prone to flooding. In times of need, you may require flood restoration services in Hamilton as water damage can occur from it and urban flooding. You will now have your carpet back at life if it has been soaked with too much water due to the clean up process or a different reason altogether!

Hire professional carpet cleaning services in Hamilton by CleaningPro who offers advanced structural drying techniques that are likely going to get them dried quickly without any issues whatsoever. Once we take care of things on our end, leave all worries aside because they promise us 24/48 hours visits after hiring which means checking how progress goes every day before concluding work so make sure hire only those experts like ours today!

What is the Cause and Effect of Water Damage?

Water doesn't just leak from the old pipes and corroded tubing. It also leaks during heavy rain, faulty water lines, or other disasters that may befall your home such as a fire or tornado. You'll know it's happening when you see dark spots on floors of rooms with carpeting; these are sure signs that there is excessive humidity in those areas which can lead to mold growths if left untreated for too long (usually 36 hours). If this goes unchecked for even longer than 3 days then chances will increase exponentially because irreversible damage could occur before anyone notices anything out of sorts at all!

Solutions? Flood restoration services. These companies start with an aggressive approach by breaking down waterlogged walls and structures, as well as tearing up ruined carpets or floors that are sometimes made of wood.

For those who don't know, carpet drying is a necessary step during flood recovery. Unfortunately many companies just clean the carpets without addressing this important detail.

Why Choose CleaningPro to dry your flooded property:

  • Cleaning Pro is the company you need to call in a time of crisis. They employ IICRC certified technicians who have top-notch skills and proven years of experience restoring flood impacted properties.
  • We're available 24/7 and will arrive at your home within an hour of scheduling.
  • CleaningPro is the go-to commercial cleaning service for all of your air movers and dehumidifiers needs. With our huge inventory, we are able to finish any job efficiently and effectively without ever sacrificing quality!
  • CleaningPro's team of highly qualified technicians is equipped with state-of-the art equipment for the assessment and diagnosis of damage caused by floods. We carry portable thermal imaging cameras, thermo-hygrometers, humidity sensors, and hygrometers to quickly assess your needs on site.
  • Our state-of-the art water extraction tools make your carpets and rugs dry by removing the excess moisture. With our Rotovac 360i extractors, you can be sure to get an excellent result because they are designed with a claw that will remove <= 91% of the water from any carpet or rug it encounters!
  • Seven teams of experts are on call in Hamilton, each able to attend to multiple customer calls at the same time.
  • We have heavy-duty automobiles, such as Mercedes Sprinter, LDV V80, and Ford Transit, compared to our competitors, which use much smaller vehicles, such as the smaller Toyota Hiace. Our flood recovery vehicles have the capacity to carry up to 20 blowers/fans and 8 dehumidifiers simultaneously. This drastically reduces our shipping costs and response time (as well as our time on-site).
  • CleaningPro is an employee-owned company. You can count on having a single point of contact, which will make your cleaning process more efficient and effective.

Wet Carpet Restoration:

Flood water removal is very important when it comes to carpet restoration. Evidently, using modern equipment and techniques to remove floodwater from your wet carpets with minimal damages in Hamilton has made us one of the best contractors for this type of work.

We use latest structural drying methods that can be completed quickly, efficiently and cheaply which is why we are able to return rooms back into their pre-flood condition most times!

Why do you need to get your carpet dried?

Damaged pipes, leaking roofs, and other related water damage should not be ignored.

You may think you're safe with minimal leakage and cracks in one of your pipes, but this can quickly spread to the other pipes. Not only will these leaks cause mold, they'll also increase the risk of health problems for your family.

The following are the impacts of having excessive moisture in the flooring:

  1. Bacteria and mould can be made to grow in the affected place by introducing them.
  2. Compromised Air Quality
  3. Strucutres and Foundation can be damaged.
  4. Will cost you an arm and a leg to fix

You should hire the best water damage restoration service providers in Hamilton if you notice any relevant sign, such as the smell of mold or humidity.

The Water Restoration Process:

When it comes to water damage and flood, we are your one-stop shop. We provide an end-to-end solution for any property that has been damaged by these conditions.

Step 1: Inspection

There are many things a homeowner can do to prevent flood damage, but only an expert will be able to assess the extent of potential water damaged caused by floods. There's no way for you know what your property looked like before it was flooded or how much work needs to go into repairing any damages that were sustained during this natural disaster. We're here to help with an inspection designed and performed specifically on determining volume level of water.

Classification of Damage caused by floodwater

Class 1: The water is so minimal that it's not affecting the majority of the building. Only a small part, less than 5% of total floor space has been affected by this flooding event.

Class 2: A 40% area of the residence is affected, including walls and carpets. 

Class 3: This is one of the most hazardous flood-effect scenarios. The ceilings are usually in the worst condition and contribute to a large percentage of damage, which can be costly to repair.

This passage explains that more than 40% of an area has been affected by flooding and how damaging it can be for things like ceiling tiles as well as other parts inside buildings.

Class 4: Water is a powerful element. When it penetrates into the surface of stone, hardwood and concrete, special equipment and techniques are needed for effective restoration.

Categories of Flood Damage

Category 1: If your clean water source leaks or malfunctions, it could cause a lot of damage. If you don't get the problem fixed quickly enough, that includes category 1 damages such as plumbing problems and moisture intrusion to other areas in your home including walls and ceilings. It can lead to category 2 or 3.

Category 2: Detergent leaking from the dishwasher or washing machine and spills can cause serious damage to your floors, walls, ceilings, wood furniture - you name it. Urine contamination by toilet leaks also falls under this category because of how corrosive urine is on surfaces like concrete flooring over time.

Water that contains detergents leaking out of a dish washer or other appliance such as a washing machine due to an accident could pose many risks including corrosion in structural parts where metal has been corroded away leading pipes carrying important fluids throughout our homes may not function properly posing potential dangers for us at any moment which would result in water leakage outside onto carpets and/or having them lifted off the ground with disastrous consequences if we have pets who drink out

Category 3: The most severe water damage is also called blackwater. It can be caused by sewers, natural flooding or other stagnant infectious waters that carry dangerous microscopic lifeforms and bacteria. Blackwaters are considered to have a toxic effect on the environment as they introduce new kinds of bacteria into it which lead to diseases.

Step 2: Water removal from the property

We can create a customized water removal plan for your home using our powerful vacuum and suction pumps. Depending on the type of flood, we will use different equipment to remove as much water from your property as possible so that bacteria doesn't grow or spread!

Step 3: Drying the affected area

After the flood has been removed, it's time to dry out any water that may still be on your property. This is an important step because moisture can lead to mold and rot growth which will damage surfaces in a home or business. Our services include wet carpet drying too - so you don't have to worry about how long this process takes!

Step 4: Cleaning of household items

Household utensils are easily damaged by water. We make sure all household items and personal belongings are thoroughly cleaned without any further damage, but this time with a touch of bleach to ensure the prevention of bacteria thriving on its surface or fungi forming in humid conditions--though it's not enough just for our clothes that we're washing! As a standard, if you notice anything affected (like your curtains!), we always treat those as well so everything is disinfected from top-to-bottom. With improved air quality comes an improvement in how healthy everybody feels inside the building too; making things safer has never been easier than wiping down surfaces and purifying some fresh smelling air!

Step 5: restoration

The most critical step in restoration is replace drywall and insulation. If the damages are less, a few panels may do. Serious conditions can even lead to replacing an entire wall if it's older than 25 years with water damage issues in Hamilton you should make quick contact today for professional help at CleaningPro

You might not know you have water damage in your home until it's too late. You'll start noticing the mould growing on confined spaces, but by then it will be hard to get rid of this type of issue because they are so difficult and time-consuming to fix!

The clock is ticking

The EPA recommends that you act as soon as possible if your home has been affected by water damage, and clean up all the materials in the house - including everything from small pieces of paper to big furniture. If you wait longer than 48 hours before removing any wet items from your property, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria which can make people sick or cause asthma problems. And who wants an unhealthy living environment?

Flood Restoration Prices:

All prices are excluding GST.

  • Water extraction, cleaning and sanitising $20 per square meter (minimum charge $300 i.e. 15 sqm) per property
  • Commercial Dehumidifier Hire $99 per night
  • Air Blower/Carpet Dryer Hire $39 per night
  • Site Inspection each visit per property $80 up to one hour
  • Drying Equipment delivery/pick up $80 per visit


We also provide services for mould remediation as well as carpet cleaning.

**All prices quoted do not reflect GST

Dependent on the extent of damage, there may be some extra work required. A restoration activity includes content cleaning, rubbish disposal and underlay/carpet replacement among other things like antimicrobial treatment or browning treatment (to name a few). There can also be additional services needed to get everything back to normal again that could add time onto an already-extended process.Please note that for water extraction over the usual hours required is charged time and a half (i.e., extra $10 per sq. metre). For contaminated water (category 2/3 flooding), we may charge $30-$50 per sq. metre, depending on the extent of the damage. A $X cancellation fee applies if a job has been cancelled after the designated time span for cancellation.

After a flood, we usually recommend using dehumidifiers and air drying over 48 hours. This will get most carpets dry in at least that amount of time. Wall-drying can take 5 days or more depending on the extent of damage; however, this is not always possible with Hamilton restrictions so be sure to call our restoration experts for an inspection after your water emergency!

Hamilton's CleaningPro is the best choice for all of your home care needs. Get a quote today and experience quality service with this industry leader!

** For properties after additional area will be charged acordingly, after site inspection.

** It is up to client to pay parking’s fees

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