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1 Bedroom Unit $195
Small House $299
Medium House $449
Large House $599
Extra Large House $749
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House Washing, Exterior House Cleaning, and Water Blasting in Hamilton

Everyone has a dream house that happens to be beautiful and clean at the same time. But your home will be needing maintenance and house washing annually due to the rain, storm, soring sun, daily wear, and tear.

In Hamilton, CleaningPro is providing the service as a house washer. Though we clean and wash everything, you will just have to call us and let us know your requirement and we will be on your doorsteps!

Although you need a clean house 24/7, you will need to have a sparkling house while selling it in Hamilton. We have different house washing packages, you will be provided with the one you choose.

Not only house washing, but we also provide blasting services here in Hamilton and for every kind of building, house, decks, gutters, driveways, and roofs. Let us know if you need to know more about the exterior house cleaning and commercial pressure washing service.


Benefits of Water Blasting

Water blasting has a couple of benefits. A few of which are mentioned below:

  • Efficient enough in the overall process
  • Quicker in comparison of other types of media blasting
  • Quiet enough during cleaning processes
  • Multipurpose – you will be done with exterior cleaning of floors, walls, and other surfaces too
  • Best suited for bigger spaces cleaning

Water Blasting Can Clean Narrower Places.

If you need to clean the exterior of commercial buildings, and residential buildings, and houses. For getting the narrower places cleaned, high-pressured water is used, ejecting from a nozzle.

This pressured water removes rust, paint, and other general dirt, including oil and chemical contamination.

In our standard house washing services, we have included the cleaning of the following areas:

  • The exterior of the home, outside of gutters, soffit, fascia, siding, shutters, windows, doors, and downspouts.

Pressure washing is also done for:

  • Apartments, houses, and commercial buildings.
  • Driveways, patios, sidewalks, and other exterior surfaces
  • Work sheds, garages, and outbuildings
  • Fencing, vinyl, wood, and more
  • Walkways and paver decks
  • Pool decks and concrete areas

Why does your house need a house wash?

There are some corners and high areas in the house that are unreachable when you take some time off and do the house washing by yourselves. Hence, you will be needing the professional exterior house washing service of CleaningPro in Hamilton.

State of art equipment i.e., water blasting, is used to ensure that the toughest marks and stains are gotten rid of your walls and house.

Even the salt deposits are attacked by the high-pressure water blaster that has the power of wearing and tearing the paint of the house.

If you are tired of spending your money every six months on painting the walls and getting them painted, we would suggest getting them washed instead.

House Washing Pricing:

These are the prices for our house washing service, but this should be considered that we have a minimum charge of $195 per house washing visit. We can not accept your booking if your charges do not equate or are not greater than $195.


Also, GST has not been included in the prices. You will have to pay your charges with GST applied after.

  • 1 Bedroom: $195
  • Small House: $299
  • Medium House: $449
  • Large House: $599
  • Extra Large House: $749
  • Double Storey House: $100 extra with the house size charges
  • Triple Storey House: $200 extra with the house size charges


  • Gutter Cleaning for Single Level House: $95

(Gutter Cleaning price for Double and triple story houses will be quoted on-site)

  • Garage / Shed charges: $60.00
  • Decks / Driveway Cleaning up to 30 Sq. metre: $75.00 (which makes $2.50 per square metre)

If you need to have the washing service for your roof, we can do it for you at an extra price. Hence you need to contact us at top-rated house washing company, CleaningPro.


We also provide the exterior and interior house painting services. Call us for bookings!

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