Hourly Cleaning Service Hamilton


Minimum visit charge is $140+ GST (4 hours total of cleaning)

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Hourly Cleaning Service Hamilton

Are you planning to drop a party at your house, somewhere in Hamilton? But the cleaning of your house is making you worried?

Moreover, you might get more worried if you get to you to know that the house needs to be cleaned in no time.

But being a regular customer of CleaningPro, you will no longer be worried about the cleaning.

If not, you might be wondering if CleaningPro also has an hourly cleaning service. For this, we would gladly announce that in Hamilton, we are providing this service with attractive packages and prices.

In this hourly cleaning area, we have specially trained well our staff. Because accuracy is required when the cleaning is asked for an hour while keeping your privacy in great consideration.

 Hourly Cleaning Customers:

Although the cleaning structure or pattern we have for this hourly cleaning is well suited for customers, having the requirement of getting cleaned the house for one time only, you can avail of this hourly cleaning service regularly.

If you are the one that needs house cleaning weekly, you should check out our weekly house cleaning service and let us know if that is well suited for you according to your requirements.

Our hourly cleaning service is mostly availed by those customers who had birthday celebrations, weddings, an office party, and any other small celebrations. These occasions occasionally happen and need only a few hours and one time.

You can call us for getting done the floors and house cleaned for you before and after the family reunion party. You can catch us via call, email, and online booking. Your address, contact information, number of cleaners needed, and number of hours are some of the primary information that will be required from you. 

CleaningPro Staff and Equipment

The staff of CleaningPro has always been praised for their expertise and professionalism. Therefore, our services are liked by almost every customer we get.

Our well-equipped staff will prove that they are the masters in Hamilton. The equipment that is used gives the best experience and tackles all the cleaning stuff.

You will find the staff of CleaningPro not only professional, but also reliable, fast, and efficient. Our cleaners do a great job and get a great job done quickly and efficiently. You will find your house or cleaning area in great tip-top form.

Also, the residents of Hamilton can avail of this hourly cleaning service anytime they need it.

Our Hourly Cleaning Service Hamilton Includes:

Our cleaning staff uses the latest equipment for the cleaning of different areas. And the areas included are the cleaning of:

  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Windows
  • Ceilings
  • Walls
  • And some other area

You will find these areas cleaned neatly.

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We are available for bookings online and through call. And we can also meet us in person and visit us at our office in Hamilton.

Hourly Cleaning Prices Per Hour:

CleaningPro charge the hourly cleaning service on the basis of hours booked. And that is $35 per hour and that is for one cleaner.

Although our charges for an hour are $35+ GST, we charge at least $140+GST, for we have the requirement of minimum of 4 hours of cleaning booking.

The charges we have for you are made into consideration of hours and number of cleaner.

  • One Cleaner and per hour: $35
  • A team of two Cleaners and per hour: $70
  • A team of three Cleaners and per hour: $105
  • A team of four Cleaners and per hour: $140
  • 4 hours of minimum booking


Important Notes to Be Considered:

  • All product charges and travel charges have been included in the prices above.
  • As the hourly cleaning service is served on an hourly basis, the charges are charged likewise.
  • In case, you get to have intense cleaning plans for moving out, shifting, and other cleaning services for events or even the cleaning plans like curtains cleaning, carpet cleaning, and oven cleaning. We're glad to announce that we also provide those. Please check them out.
  • In case of planning of having a specialised cleaning service, please share the details with us, and then we will share what solutions and plans, we have available for you.
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