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Fire Restoration Hamilton | Smoke Odour Treatment | Soot Removal Hamilton

Fire is a destructive force that can damage property in many different ways. Black smoke from the fire damages people's health and leaves black stains on roofs, walls, and furniture after it burns out. Large fires result in irreplaceable losses of books as well as other valuable material like wooden cabinets or old family photographs while small-scale fires cause some discoloration to your roof tiles if they are made with concrete cinder blocks which turn grayish white when exposed to heat for too long; this condition will eventually fade away over time but until then you may find yourself having trouble selling your home due to these unsightly marks on exterior structures.


Fire destroys homes because once started it spreads quickly across wood surfaces such as floors before reaching indoor items.

How do you face fire damage?

Cases and incidents reveal that electric fires, candles, and small kitchen fires are the common causes of fire damage. CleaningPro cleans up the affected area after fire, smoke, and soot damage by veteran restoration experts and professionals, and CleaningPro can do the clean-up regardless of the cause.

Some other reasons that our customers have come across are as follows:

  • Smokey Oven Fires
  • Fireworks
  • Turkey Fryer Fires
  • Faulty Electric Blankets
  • Improper Fireplace Maintenance
  • Smoking Electric Fires
  • Lightning Strikes, Candles
  • Oil and Grease Fires
  • Christmas Free Fires
  • Malfunctioning and Improper use of space heater
  • Small Kitchen Fires
  • Creosot Building up in Chimneys and Fireplace

 The Harmful Effects of Smoke and Soot Damage

Uncontrolled or unpredicted fires in your home can lead to irreversible and long-lasting smoke damage which not only affects the surfaces but also has deleterious effects on human health. These small yet powerful sources of fire have been found to be a major contributor towards damaging furniture, ceilings, walls as well as other things people come into contact with every day that cause severe allergies amongst some people such material damages might result from soot particles being acidic compounds.The CleaningPro team has the proper training to deal with fire cleanup services. They are capable of removing soot and smoke residue, while also restoring your property's walls, floors, antiques, paintings or pictures from damages caused by a house fire. After filtration and ventilation processes have been completed; they start cleaning each room top-to-bottom in search for any remaining remnants of smoky odor that can affect human health over time . The experts go through every material type on site: fabric is either washed or vacuumed depending on it condition; rubber materials might be scrubbed down using specific detergents before shampooing them in water mixed with other chemical solutions like vinegar which will remove all soils then rinse thoroughly until clean again


 What is the Process of Fire Damage Restoration?

Sometimes fire and smoke can do more than just destroy your belongings. Smoke, for example, is a permanent stain that settles on walls, ceilings and even furniture in no time at all if left untreated. At Cleaning Pro our professionals take the necessary steps to restore an affected building by first assessing what needs to be done so you don't end up with stains of any kind; whether they are white or black!


 Board-Up and Tarp

Your property will be cleaned and sealed by CleaningPro. Doors, windows, ceilings, and other building parts are all protected from further damage with a sturdy canvas that's water resistant for up to three days!

 Dry Out and Water Extraction

Professional dehumidifiers and grade air movers are used to dry the area. Drying usually takes two weeks, but if damage is severe it could take up to a month for drying in some cases.

 Smoke and Soot Removal

Thermal fogging, ozone treatments and air scrubbers are just some of the methods our restoration experts use to restore furniture, walls and ceilings. The HVAC System is also cleaned for maximum effectiveness in preventing soot from spreading throughout a building. If there's enough damage left over after cleaning with these techniques, it may be necessary to take more drastic measures such as offsite reconstruction or demolition if onsite solutions don't suffice!


After spraying deodorizer on everything from furniture to ceiling, the team sanitizes every last surface and implements an Anti-Mold solution for prevention.


In the end, all of the shattered glass is swept up and replaced with new wood floors. The broken lamps are removed to make way for beautiful paintings hung on freshly-painted walls as well as elegant carpets which add a touch of elegance and life back into this once devastated space.

Call Cleaning Pro for Credible Fire Clean-up Services

CleaningPro staff is highly trained in dealing with fire damage. In the event of a house fire, you should contact us immediately as delaying it will worsen the condition and make for more work on our side to bring your property back to its original state. We have professionals who can help guide you through every single step from beginning until end so that this unfortunate incident won't leave any lasting impact on yourself or loved ones Some of the reasons why to choose us are:

  • Protection in dangerous fire emergencies
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  • Professional and trustworthy services around town.

In the unfortunate event of a fire, don't forget to contact us for credible services.

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