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Drying Equipment Rental Hamilton

CleaningPro has a rental drying service now in Hamilton. we are also providing commercial-grade drying equipment on rent.

Our customers vary in variety and are mostly contractors and homeowners who find renting our commercial-grade drying equipment cheaper and more convenient than buying them for one use.

And the great part is that you can book your order in any quantity you want! Let the number be one or ten, we look forward to getting our promises delivered nicely and getting you the best experience and making you satisfied and happy.

You might be wondering what limit CleaningPro has for the order?

CleaningPro is glad to say that you can enter an unlimited number to book your order for the rentals of commercial-grade drying equipment i.e. dehumidifiers, blowers, and air scrubbers, as we have them in pretty good numbers with us.

It is to be noted that we have the policy of deducting $200 as a security deposit of our equipment from your credit card and that amount will be returned back to you after we get our drying equipment back in the number you got from us.

How do you book us?

If you are preferring online booking over call, you can easily get the link from our website here where you will be asked a couple of simple questions such as your address, number of nights, and number of equipment you will be requiring, and some comments.

However, if you are a call person, you will also find this process quite easy as you will be asked the same above questions such as your job address, number of nights and equipment you will need, and some policies.

After confirming your bookings, we will make sure that you get your equipment on time and in good working condition.

The main thing we want to make sure is to get you equipment from high-quality brands, modern units of equipment, and equipment that give you the best results in terms of removing moisture.

Commercial-Grade Drying Equipment Available for Rents:

These are the drying equipment that are available for the rental service:

  • Dehumidifier
  • Blower
  • Air Scrubber


Hey, are you worried about having a water leak due to a burst pipe, or water dipping through the house ceilings has been your headache for so long now, or in the office there happens to be a major flood? Then what are you waiting for? You immediately need a dehumidifier!

Instead of buying one and getting it late, you can immediately get it from CleaningPro on rent that will be provided to you overnight. and get your problems resolved overnight.

This is guaranteed that you not only get the best equipment, but the best and smoothest experience with all the expertise and support!

And the process is too simple! You select the required size and number of dehumidifiers and we confirm the period and give you staff for installation purposes. Now the good thing is that your dehumidifier can be delivered to you on the same day!


If you need to blow the dust from every corner of the homes, offices, apartments, and industries that always exists there, you can go for an air blower machine.

Even you clearly see the dust on some gadgets and electronics that does not get off with simple cleanup, using a cloth. Moreover, you should look after some of the delicate parts of them too.

Hence, you should go for a durable, less-time consuming, and efficient solution of using air blowers that you can rent from CleaningPro for a single night. And make your life easier!

Air Scrubber:

Research shows that almost every human thinks that they are safe from outside pollution when they are at home. But they do not know that they are still not safe from pollution because there exists quite a good amount of it inside the house.

Therefore, air scrubbers become your need as it does the job of absorbing the bad air and giving you purified air in return.

This air scrubber functions as a portable air purifier that does not have ductwork attached to it that can be fixed according to your wish.

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