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Covid-19 Coronavirus Disinfection Service Hamilton


$3 per sqm of floor area.

Minimum charge $150+GST per visit.

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COVID-19 Disinfection Service Hamilton 

Although CleaningPro has more of its services related to cleaning and giving you and your living area or working area a neat, clean, and good look, what now CleaningPro is providing you is COVID-19 Disinfection Service.

By now you know what Corona Virus, also known as COVID-19, is! You would also know how important it is to get the disinfecting service in your home for your survival and having the least chance of being infected.

Though we do not have vaccines yet, the solution we have for now is following the SOPs and disinfecting the crowded areas and the areas, having the chances of higher chances.

Due to this risky pandemic and life-taking Corona Virus, we have seen an increasing and immense number of deaths with our naked eyes! Therefore, now it is our social responsibility to follow the SOPs and stay home.

Considering the need, CleaningPro has got you COVID-19 Disinfecting service for the safety of everyone and following all the precautionary steps that are now our necessity to be followed.


COVID-19 Disinfecting Service Customers:

Security and safety are the need for everyone! If you own a house and live there with your family, or you are running a business and having a company and employees working there, or you have a building and it is populated with living people, you have to disinfect that area at least weekly.

This way you will be ensured that you are breathing in a safer environment, and you are securing the lives of your employees, and you are giving a secured area to your apartment inhabitants.

Considering it has been spreading in no time, and the risk is still there, and it has been reaching its peak, and countries have been gone through its different stages and different waves, taking all the precautionary measures advised to us and required by us is so important. One of these measures includes getting your areas disinfected!

And that has to be done by a highly reputable and trusted cleaning company or the company providing this coronavirus disinfecting service. Here comes CleaningPro with their services.

CleaningPro Disinfecting Service Staff:

As usual, our CleaningPro staff is here again for your safety and security from the spread of the dangerous virus, Corona Virus. Our professional staff are well trained and use a commercial-grade disinfectant that is approved by PMI.

Fogging machines are used for areas for getting them fogged, and especially for the areas that are unreachable. 

Biohazard substances are used by our technicians that have an impact longer than a week. Moreover, our administration for the sanitization is for the clients, having one-off necessities. We also have other packages that are for the protection of your property.

For having our services and calling us to your doorsteps, we have a simple process which will be continued after we get a call from you, or we get an online booking, or we get an email from you!

COVID-19 Disinfection Service Prices:

The charges plan that we have for you after providing COVID-19 Disinfecting Service is:

  • $3 per square metre of floor area

However, the minimum area you can book us for is 50 square metres, and the minimum charge becomes $150 per visit. And prices tagged here is GST exclusive.


  • COVID-19 Disinfecting Service does not include any kind of cleaning. This is only for getting your areas disinfected by coronavirus or any other infection.
  • A fogging machine will be used to get the areas fogged by our technicians.
  • Therefore, we should find the areas free of dust and grimes because only then the disinfectant will have its effects.
  • However, if your areas are not cleaned and needs a quick cleanup, you can look for the cleaning services that we are providing.
  • If you check out the website of CleaningPro, you will know that one of the quickest cleaning services that we have for you is the Hourly Cleaning Service. This is served on an hourly basis and charged hourly i.e., $35+GST per cleaner.

Please call us or visit us at our office for further details.

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